Raw sausage


Raw sausage

Black Forest Kirsch Salami

Salami-speciality with semi-coarse granulation. Refined with original kirsch-schnapps.

Unit weight: 2,0 kg

Garlic Sausage, ring-shaped

The ring-shaped garlic sausage is produced from lean beef, select morsels of pork and belly of pork. It is seasoned with natural spices, ground pepper, coriander and a large portion of freshly harvested garlic.

Unit weight: 1,0 kg

Schwarzwälder Heißrauchsalami, gegart

Ein heißer Tip - die Heißgerauchte! Die schwarzgeräucherte Salami wird aus magerem Schweinefleisch hergestellt und anschließend getrocknet und heiß geräuchert. Unsere Schwarzwälder Heißrauchsalami schmeckt herzhaft und würzig - genau richtig für den deftigen Brotzeit-Genuss!

Black Forest Smoked Salami

Appropriate seasoning serves to round off the hearty taste or our smoked salami wich is certainly true to its name. Smoking takes place in typical Black Forest smokehouses using green fir brushwood, fir cones and Black Forest wood.

Unit weight: 1,1 kg

Lean minced pork

coarse lean minced pork, ready to spread.

Unit weight: 250 g

Farmer-style sausages

middle coarse raw sausages, naturally smoked. Farmer-style sausages are consumed cold, out of the hand. These Farmer-style sausages are a must for hikers and are equally relished when placed in the picnic hamper.

Unit weight: 80 g


The square-shaped raw sausage in a natural casing consists of coarsely milled bacon, beef and pork. Seasoned with black pepper, caraway and a fine touch of garlic. After the maturing period, the "landjaeger" sausages are given their special firm bite in a drying and smoking process.

Unit weight: 40 g

"Pepper crackers"

Smoked salami-type sausages. Popular, not only account of their hearty taste, they also come in a handy form for between-meal snacks. Served with a glass of beer or on supper plate, these preserved, smoked sausages will prove irresistible!

Unit weight: 50 g

Black Forest Smoked Whips

Tasty and spicy raw sausages, 30 cm long, shortly smoked and after on air-dried - due to that they do not have to be cooled. An ideal snack for outdoor-activities and perfect to beer and coarse bread.

Schwarzwälder Bergluft-Ruten

Die 30 cm langen Rohwürste nach Art einer Salami werden ausschließlich luftgetrocknet. Ausgewogene Naturgewürze, wie Salz, Pfeffer, Koriander, Kümmel und Knoblauch verleihen unseren Schwarzwälder Bergluft-Ruten einen würzigen aber dennoch milden Geschmack.