Our aspiration. Your treat.


Traditional Black Forest quality that one can taste

Everything we do has the sole aim of affording devotees of Tannenhof Black Forest ham the best possible taste experience. Two things are important to achieve this: firstly, highest quality and, secondly, our recipes steeped in tradition. Modern technology, traditional craftsmanship and highly qualified employees are the foundation of our production.

You are welcome to form your own impression of the incomparable quality of Tannenhof speciality sausages and hams. A visit to the company is sure to leave a very agreeable lingering taste.

As regards the recipes: Unfortunately, we are not allowed do disclose the handed-down family recipes, such as the special composition of condiments to produce the cold-smoked ham. These remain a well-kept secret of your genial Black Forest ham experts.



The IFS International Food Standard, HACCP and compliance with DIN ISO 9001 provide the foundations for this. However, our aim is to go beyond just fulfilling our obligations.


First-rate products from the Black Forest

Speciality meats from Tannenhof are awarded prizes every year in the voluntary quality competition of the German Agricultural Society (DLG). In 2021 Tannenhof was awarded the DLG Gold "Prize for the Best" for the 34st time. 

Protective Association

Preserve what is unique. As in the case of original Black Forest ham.

Tannenhof is a member of the Protective Association of Black Forest Ham Producers that was founded about 30 years ago to protect Black Forest ham. Its goal: a quality seal that guarantees the consumer best taste, certified quality and regional uniqueness.