Culinary gifts

Do you wish to surprise your family, friend or business partner with a gift that is particularly tasty?

Allow yourself to be inspired by our range of Black Forest Ham in various gift boxes.

Simply request our catalogue from: info@tannenhof-schinken.de

Or give us a call on +49 7728-9263-0. We will be happy to advise you.



Window gift box filled with a 1kg Tannenhof Black Forest ham

Black Forest

Decorative gift box with vision field filled with 450g Tannenhof Black Forest ham.
Available from 16th of december to 31th of october.

Christmas Gift "Black Forest"

Decorative gift box star-shaped vision field and filled with 450g Tannenhof Black Forest ham. 
It is available from 1st november to 15th of december. 

Gift “Hornberg”

Window gift box filled with 1.8 kg Tannenhof Black Forest ham, nut/corner