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Broiled monkfish medallions with Black Forest Ham barded on a wild garlic foam and baked red beets

Ingredients (serves 4 to 5):

560 g fillets of monkfish, 80 g (8 slices) Black Forest Ham, 400 g red beets, fresh, 400 g new potatoes, small
1 twig of thyme, salt, pepper, 8 tbsp olive oil, extra virgin, 80 g fresh wild garlic, 25 g shallots, 100 ml fish stock, 20 ml Noilly-Prat, 40 ml white wine, 100 ml cream, fluid

To prepare: 

Remove the skin, rinse and cut the monkfish filets in 8 equal medallions of 70 g each, sprinkle salt and pepper on them and sauté in olive oil with a sprig of thyme. After that, wrap the medallions in a thin slice of Black Forest Ham and place in the oven at 140°C for about 6 minutes. 
Peel and boil the red beets, cut them into small cubes of equal size and sauté in a little hot grease until crispy, then add a small amount of salt. 

The sauce: Sweat the shallots in a bit of olive oil and then add 
the fish stock, white wine, Noilly-Prat and cream. Reduce the heat by half and purée with fresh wild garlic until fine. Add salt and pepper to taste. Refine with other herbs (e.g. basil) as desired. 


Place the sautéed red beets in the middle of the plate and put the monkfish on top. Pour on the sauce in an arrangement as desired. Add three small potatoes which have been fried until they are crispy as a side dish. Finally, garnish everything with fresh thyme and wild garlic. 


Recipe by Stephan Leuschner, Restaurant "BANK" in Steigenberger Europäischer Hof Baden-Baden