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Pork medallions in ham-cream sauce with herb Spätzle

Ingredients (serves 4):

0.4 l brown veal stock, 200 g Black Forest Ham cut into small cubes, 8 pork medallions weighing 60g each, 80g finely chopped shallots, 100g chopped mushrooms, 0.2 l cream, 2 tbsp ketchup, 4 tbsp drained green pepper, 1 bunch of mixed herbs (parsley, chervil and scallions), 3 eggs, 250g flour, pepper, nutmeg, 1 shot of brandy

To prepare:

Herb spaetzle: Puree the herbs with the eggs in a mixer, then put in an agitating machine and stir with the flour, pepper and nutmeg until the dough is firm, but easy to roll out. Grate the dough into boiling salt water, bring to a boil, then remove the Spätzle from the water in 2 minutes, put in a colander and let drain. 

Ham-cream sauce: Rost gently the ham in butter, add the shallots, continue to sauté and then add mushrooms.  Put in the shallots, continue to sauté and add mushrooms. Boil down the veal stock until it is like syrup, pour in the cream and place in the ham-onion skillet. Boil hard for 1 minute until the sauce is viscid. Add pepper, ketchup and brandy to taste. 

Medaillons: Rost the medallions at the same time for about 4 minutes on each side in butter.  


Put one medallion on each of four plates, pour the sauce around them and then put the herb spaetzle next to it.  

Recipe by Wilfried Serr, Restaurant "Zum Alde Gott", Baden-Baden-Neuweier