Delicious tradition.


Welcome to the home of Black Forest ham

At the eastern edge of the Black Forest far from the hustle and bustle lies the tranquil town of Niedereschach. In peace and quiet and with a passion for detail, Tannenhof has produced Black Forest ham here for generations. This and many other speciality hams and sausages are prepared today, as back then, according to handed-down recipes and with craftsmanship by Black Forest in-house butchers.

At an altitude of 750m on the gentle hills of Eschach valley, original Black Forest ham is cold smoked in a brick-walled Black Forest smokery over fresh smouldering pinewood and brushwood. The highest quality standards are adhered to and innovative production techniques refine the process.

We therefore regard the name Tannenhof as a promise: for mature delicacies, the very best aroma and top quality. The original from the Black Forest.

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One upon a time in the lovely Black Forest

In 1975 Hans Schnekenburger along with four associates founded his first production facility for Black Forest ham in Villingen-Schwenningen. Today, Tannenhof in Niedereschach is one of the leading producers of original Back Forest ham and many other speciality hams and sausages.


The flavourful path to Tannenhof Black Forest ham

Fresh insights into TANNENHOF’s manufacturing

Nothing is left to chance in the production of Tannenhof Black Forest ham, starting with selection of the raw meat and continuing with checks on processing right through to packing. The fresh meat used is sourced solely from pigs  reared in species-appropriate controlled conditions. We participate in the QA inspection system for food products. The QA inspection system is one of the leading inspection systems for meat and sausage products in Germany. It monitors quality throughout all stages of production, from manufacture through processing and on to the trade. Quality simply does not happen by chance.

Incoming meat

Fresh insights into TANNENHOF’s manufacturing

Only the best pigs are good enough for Black Forest ham from Tannenhof. 
We use exclusively pigs of commercial grade E with a maximum pH value of 5.9. At our goods inwards department we check the pH value, core temperature and proportion of fat. If everything is perfectly okay, carcasses proceed to the butchering section.

Meat cutting

Fresh insights into TANNENHOF’s manufacturing

The ham is de-boned, cut and prepared for dry-salting.

Dry curing

Fresh insights into TANNENHOF’s manufacturing

True craft skills In the process, our traditional and secret blend of spices consisting of pickling salt and carefully dosed natural seasonings such as juniper berries, peppercorns, garlic and coriander are rubbed into each ham separately. Within three to five days the salt draws the moisture out of the ham. The favourable altitude of 800m promotes the osmosis and ensures optimal maturing of the ham.

Burning phase

Fresh insights into TANNENHOF’s manufacturing

After curing for 7 days, the salt is removed and the ham ages an additional two weeks. In this stage, the salt is spread through the cuts until it is distributed throughout its tissues.


Fresh insights into TANNENHOF’s manufacturing

Tannenhof Black Forest ham is always in perfect shape. It is formed evenly and pressed to minimise carving wastage.

Cold smoking

Fresh insights into TANNENHOF’s manufacturing

A proven technique for over 10,000 years and still good today: The smoking of foods has prolonged their shelf life since the year dot. 
During the cold smoking of our Black Forest hams in the brick-built Black Forest smokery, fresh green pine brushwood, pine branches and pine sawdust are layered in a certain order and made to smoulder. The smoke wafts through all chambers of the smoke tower and imparts its unique, unmistakeable flavour to our Black Forest ham within two weeks.


Fresh insights into TANNENHOF’s manufacturing

In a climate-controlled environment the hams mature at constant humidity for two to three weeks in special storage rooms. In the meantime they will have lost ca. 28% of their fresh weight and can be packed.


Environmental protection

Think ahead. For you and the environment.

As a traditional Black Forest enterprise, nature lies particularly close to our heart. All production steps are continually optimised in terms of usage of raw materials, air, water and energy as well as waste materials generated.

We combine ecology with economy to secure our location, jobs and the natural resources for the long term. A considerate approach to the environment is an integral part of our quality management. It also includes measures such as recovering heat from cooling systems and the use of natural refrigerants.


Management and Sales

As a food retailer do you wish to find out more about the Tannenhof company and its range of Black Forest speciality hams and sausages?

We will be happy to advise you personally!

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