Awareness for responsibility


Think ahead. For you and the environment.

As a traditional Black Forest enterprise, nature lies particularly close to our heart. All production steps are continually optimised in terms of usage of raw materials, air, water and energy as well as waste materials generated.


We combine ecology with economy to secure our location, jobs and the natural resources for the long term. A considerate approach to the environment is an integral part of our quality management. It also includes measures such as recovering heat from cooling systems and the use of natural refrigerants.


Since April 2010 Tannenhof Schwarzwälder Fleischwaren GmbH & Co. KG has been a founding member of BEN (a local interest group for energy). By using renewable energy and raw materials in the Niedereschach community, as high a proportion of self-generated energy as possible is used. By collectively using the local heating line of a biogas plant, CO2 emissions should be reduced. The long-term aim is to construct an independent local heat and power network that is supplied via renewable energy and photovoltaic systems.

As a sustainably-oriented company, Tannenhof is doing whatever to protect the region and future generation. Here are a few examples from our ecology-oriented trading:


Waste water
Several multi-chamber treatment plants ensure that waste water we have generated is cleaned and can be safely returned to the natural water cycle. Regular measurements by the Horgen waster water special purpose body confirm the success of our measures.


Exhaust air
Our brick-built smokery towers ensure two factors simultaneously: One the one hand, outstanding smoked Black Forest hams. On the other, minimal use of combustibles (pinewood, brushwood and saw dust) and saving of energy. All exhaust gases are captured and freed of environmentally harmful aerosols by a special process. The resulting tar is picked up and recycled by a specialist firm.


Dual system
By participating in the “Der Grüne Punkt” dual system, we would like to make a valuable contribution to climate protection. Active participation in climate and environmental protection is important to us. Continuous recycling is an expression of sustainable management and serves to save energy, resources and emissions. By participating in the dual system for the recycling of sales packaging at "Der Grüne Punkt", we have been able to reduce greenhouse gases every year and thus make a decisive contribution to climate protection. In 2022, for example, we contributed to saving 22 t of CO2 equivalents by participating in the "Der Grüne Punkt" dual system. The avoided amount of CO2 corresponds to the amount that 2 hectares of forest filters out of the air in one year.

Our commitment makes Tannenhof Black Forest ham a pleasure for both you and the environment. As a result, it tastes simply twice as good.