Boiled ham


Boiled ham

Elderberry ham

A succulent, cooked leg of ham without any fat or rind. Tannenhof elderberry ham is seasoned with the vitamin-rich juice of elderberries.

Spiced baked ham

A baked ham from the main part of the leg of pork in attractive loaf form. Special local spices give the spiced baked ham an exceptional aroma.

Asparagus baked ham

A baked ham marinaded in asparagus stock and sheathed in fine green asparagus. The tender texture underscores the fine aroma of the ham.

Wild garlic baked ham

A baked ham sheathed in aromatic wild garlic. The gentle baking-cooking process keeps the wild garlic baked ham particularly succulent and aromatic.

Crusted ham

A succulent ham from the topside/silverside, heartily spiced and baked in the oven until crisp.

Honey pork belly

Hot-air-cooked pork belly with herbs and honey, cured mildly spicy. Without rind and boneless.

Rolled ham

A spicy cured and smoked pork nut in netting for cooking. Allow Tannenhof rolled ham to simmer for about 1 hour in almost boiling water and enjoy it with potato salad or sauerkraut!


Baden Schäufele

Baden Schäufele is made from shoulder of pig, spice-cured and smoked golden brown. Potato salad and freshly baked farmhouse bread are the ideal accompaniment to Tannenhof’s Baden Schäufele.

Chimney Smoked Ham

Ham from the top- and silverside. Gently cooked in its own juice and then naturally dark smoked in the black forest chimneyover fir brushwood.